We love our customers as much as they love us. It makes us want to provide our customers with more great food and great service. Of course, we can go on about how great we are, but we want to remain humble so we’ll just let our customers speak. Go ahead, search Mystic Muffins online and see what people say about us.

“What a great little spot with a welcoming atmosphere.”

“We absolutely love this little gem! Everything on the menu is so fresh!”

“MM always provides us with the most friendly service in this city! And their food is extraordinarily good!”

“If you come here, you have to try their apple cake. Whenever I pass by I feel obligated to stop in to pick one up for the kids. Not that it’s a bad thing.”

“I can’t believe this place is still open despite the super cheap prices. They are among the most friendly people in the restaurant business in this city. You have to try the banana cake which is such a super deal and my whole family loves it!”