The Benefits of Bread Machines

On February 9, 2015 by admin

Who doesn’t like fresh bread? We’re all about fresh food. But we understand that it can be a challenge (and a mess) to bake your own bread at home. Today we want to talk about bread machines which are appliances that bake bread from scratch by mixing your flour, kneading your dough, and baking your bread all in one.

There are many benefits to owning a bread machine:

  1. Make fresh bread – The most obvious benefit is having fresh bread at home. Most bread machines have a timer function which you can set to bake bread at a certain time. This is useful if you want to prepare the ingredients in advance and let the machine do its work while you work on something else. With a bread maker, you can have fresh bread right at your fingertips.
  2. Control your ingredients – By baking your own bread, you can control what ingredients you want to add which can be useful for those with allergies. You can also choose to add delicious ingredients like dried fruit, walnuts, or sunflower seeds.
  3. There’s no mess – Some people don’t bake because it makes a mess in the kitchen. Since a bread machine does everything from mixing the dough to kneading to baking, there will be no mess. Besides, each bread machine comes with a removable pan which can be easily cleaned.
  4. Saves money – Buying bread at the store can be expensive, especially if you need have dietary restrictions. Bread machines are capable of handling gluten-free bread, whole wheat bread, and other unique breads. They can also make pizza dough, pasta dough, jam, and if you get a Japanese bread machine (Panasonic or Zojirushi) you can even make udon and mochi at home. Although it may seem like an expensive item upfront, you’ll find that the best bread machine is incredibly affordable and given the number of items you can make, you’ll be saving money in the long run. Just buy your favourite flour in bulk and you’re set.
  5. Makes more than bread – As we outlined in the point above, you can make more than bread. You can make jam, pasta, dough for your homemade pizza, and more depending on which machine you buy.
  6. Superior taste and quality – Nothing beats the taste of fresh bread. Since you can count on yourself to control what ingredients you add, you can expect a superior quality than store bought bread, which tends to have that manufactured taste.
  7. They’re easy to use – Not good at baking? No problem. Bread machines are programmed to make perfect loaves. All you need to do is follow the recipes that come in the user manuals and you’ll be baking delicious bread in no time!

These are some of the reasons why we think having a bread maker is beneficial. Everyone has their own reasons, but we’re sure that if you enjoy eating bread, a bread machine might be just what you need to bake bread at home.

Not sure which bread machine to buy? Our favourite bread maker is the Panasonic bread machine sd-yd250. We like it because it has an automatic yeast dispenser and makes large loaves. We would absolutely suggest you take a look at it if you will be shopping for a bread machine.

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